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WHAT are Macros?

Well hello my Buff beauties!!! Let’s dive right into today’s topic like a pint of ice cream (yum): What are macros? Like you, when I first heard this “science-y” term, it made me cringe a little (ummm does this mean I have to start learning about biology?—not my forte!) Let’s keep it real, I am not a biologist and I won’t be anytime soon (WHEW)! So lets discuss: "What are macros and why do we need to track them?" Let’s break this down in Beth language: Macronutrients (macros) simply put is energy in the form of calories, aka food. Macros consist of three major types of nutrients: Protein, Carbohydrates (Carbs), and Fat. Your body's physic & shape is 80% due...

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