About Beth Schwartz

Hello Buff Beauties! 

My name is Beth Schwartz and I am an online personal trainer and macro nutrition coach. I have five plus years of fitness and training experience. I am an NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and a Correction Exercise Specialist Trainer (CES). I have competed in an NPC bikini division bodybuilding competition, and have experience teaching several types of Group X fitness classes (turbo kick, strength endurance training, boot camps etc.)

I am passionate about helping others live a healthy, balanced and restriction free lifestyle, no matter their location or scheduling needs!

It’s extremely difficult to work your ass off, "diet" your ass off, and still not see results. I have been there and I know how awful that feels! BUT, you finally never have to feel that way AGAIN!

I am not a registered dietitian or nutritionist. However, I DO have experience successfully coaching dozens of clients to reach and maintain the physique and nutritional health they desire for their ideal body type.

Let’s get toned, lean, cut, shredded, ripped, buff, muscular, tight, swole, sexy and healthy...TOGETHER!  You can find my online personal training and macronutrient packages here.  I hope to work with you soon!


Fluff2Buff, Beth Schwartz